Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Habi Family

I've been back at school for a week now, startled a bit by being placed so suddenly amongst everyone again and doing school work regularly, but life is SO GOOD.  I've reunited with friends I haven't seen in 8 months, I'm President of our ASIA club (Asian Students Intercultural Association) and resuming activity in other organizations, and simply having a blast.  Rather than a dorm, I'm living in a theme house that's still considered campus property-- the Habitat for Humanity House!  There's 5 guys and 3 girls with me, and it's the work hard, party hard kind of lifestyle that I can get down with.  It also helps that the library is a two minute walk away because I'm determined to stay on top of my classes!  Last night we went to the Asian buffet in town because my room mate turned 21 over break and wanted to do sake bombs.  I couldn't participate obviously, but things were pretty rowdy and just continued when we came back to campus.
 Trying to look super-Asian with our ridiculous Chinese waiter that definitely enjoys getting college students hammered.

I've spent the entire afternoon doing work, so I can't wait to hang out with the 'family' tonight... Ohhh boy!


Bookish.Spazz said...

Ahh that theme house sounds awesome!

Olive said...

Nicole, I think I've caught your travel bug ;)! Ecuador was an awesome experience, as you said it would be, and I can't wait to do more traveling in my (hopefully near) future. I've been creeping on some of your past posts I've missed and you have some serious painting talent! Wow! The beach portrait and the Chanel model look so perfect and so real. I also loooovee National Geographic magazine and that article with the Snubnose monkeys melted my heart with those pictures! Such a contrast when they grow up though, hahaha. They're cuter before they get teeth ;).
President of the ASIA Club? That's awesome girl! Living in the Habitat for Humanity House, is that affiliated with Habitat for Humanity, like being in that hall involves you going on trips with them? I've always wanted to work on one of their projects :). Sounds like you're having a productive time back at school, best of luck with the new semester!

♥ Olive

Jen N. said...

Ah Nicole I'm so happy you're doing so well and enjoying yourself! hope your semester continues to be great and I hope to see you soon.