Monday, May 30, 2011

Drive where?

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  
This holiday to honor our past and current troops usually kicks off the summer season for families.  You know, barbeques, pool openings, lots of sun and ice cream!  I'm back again at the cafe in town, I've already worked five times and spent earlier this afternoon in the ice cream side.  We are making our own waffle cones and waffle bowls now, which I quite enjoy doing!  I'm trying not to be as reckless with my ice cream eating this year; it kind of sabotaged me last summer.  We stock Perry's though, and I love so many of their flavors!  Muddy Sneakers (white chocolate ice cream with chocolate peanut candies, milk chocolate flakes and caramel swirls, according to the Perry's website haha), anything cheesecake-related and Rocky Mountain Raspberry (white chocolate ice cream, chocolate raspberry flavored flakes and red raspberry swirls) are my favorites.  Although, I can never resist a fresh fruit sorbet.  Or the classic vanilla soft-serve!  I could go on about ice cream, but what are your preferred flavors?   I enjoy the interactions, although brief, with regular customers as well as visitors from out of town.  If I am able to deliver them low-priced, sweet satisfaction, then my job is done :).  Support your local ice creameries, restaurants and businesses -- I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

So another summer association is the drive-in!  You knowww, cars, blankets and chairs on the lawns, giant screens and a double-feature under the stars.  It's quite glamorous--in it's relaxed, liberated way.
 My family and I have been going to the same drive-in for as long as I can remember, and I was shocked and saddened to hear that many of my friends from college have never experienced one!  I invited my friend Jenny over Friday and we planned on watching the newest Pirates of the Caribbean and Kung Foo Panda 2 at said drive-in.  However, the erratic weather of Western New York won this battle.  We drove there under dense fog-cover and even when we had finished delicious pizza at the drive-in restaurant, the drizzly fog had not lifted.  Plan B was to stop at the regular movie theatre on the way home.  Nope, couldn't catch a movie there because we arrived too late, and the next showing was far later.  We returned to my house to watch a movie off of the cable pay-per-view and nope, that wasn't cooperating either! Haha, it seemed as if the world did not want us to see any movies that evening.
Still determined, we headed to the grocery store and used the Red Box rental system.  We picked up The King's Speech and Easy A for $3; not a bad deal at all!  I know these movies have been out for a while, but I wanted to write about them anyway.
This movie was wonderful. Even at two hours long, watching Colin Firth as King George VI battle his self-doubts and rise to become King of Great Britain was engaging.  It's definitely one of those feel-good movies, but not in a cliche way.  The acting was outstanding as well, thereby making the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director (Tom Hooper), Best Actor (Colin Firth), Best Original Screenplay (David Seidler) and the dozen nominations extremely well deserved.  
On the more comical side was Easy A, directed by Will Gluck,which was how innocent gossip turns bad and high school becomes Puritan New England.  It took an exaggerated approach to personality stereotypes, ostracism and sexual pressures, yet the characters were outrageous enough to keep me interested.  Olive, played by Emma Stone, ultimately acts the way she does (or pretends to, anyway) to help other overlooked students and outcasts finally fit in.  All I can say is, I am so fortunate that my high school was not that insane.  At least not the people I associated with.

Without or without the drive-in, 'twas a lovely evening.  I hope to make it back there soon, though!  Have you watched any awesome movies lately?

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Natalie said...

Oooh, that Muddy Sneakers flavor sounds so good... I basically love anything with peanut butter and chocolate and caramel-y goodness. :D Though plain old strawberry never disappoints, either.

I love the drive-in! It's just such an event, setting up in the back of the car and sprawling out on a blanket and whatnot. That stinks that it didn't work out this time, but at least Red Box was there to save the day! I thought Easy A was pretty funny, but still have yet to see The King's Speech.