Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Hail, Alma Mater! To thee our heads bow down."

Particularly as a senior living in a townhouse right next to the golf courses, I've realized that St. Lawrence is basically a country club. I have no shame in admitting so because it's been source of some of my best memories, experiences, and favorite people from these last four years. After finals week, most of the underclassmen departed and then we had campus to ourselves for Senior Week! It's all went by too quickly, but our class sponsored events like a casino night, a faculty and student barbecue, beer and wine tasting, a first year program reunion, cocktails with adivsors, and a plethora of drunken, outdoor activities before families arrived on Friday. That's when it all became more real.

Lazily canoeing down the Grasse River!
I made watercolor cards for a close professors.
Signs of spring in the campus trails.
I cooked some fiddlehead ferns and wild endives! Residual knowledge from the singular science course I took at St. Lawrence called The Natural World :).

Another perk of attending a small school is that professors may remember and like you, even if you only had one class with them your first year. Then invite you to their house to feast and figure out how they can help you in your next steps. Thank you, Fred!

My parents were up at the end of the week for academic inductions and socializing.
Normally these cherry blossoms appear before final exams, but they were 3 weeks late. It made a perfect background for graduation, so better late than never!
I'm grateful that this is campus I said goodbye to.
The bagpipe guard performs every beginning and end of the school year. It gets me every time.
The blur that was the graduation ceremony...
Grace Potter, of Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, graduated in my class because she received an honorary degree! She spoke to us about finding love and making sacrifices. Her speech was featured on the Huffington Post.
The final photo with my townhouse 501 roommates. As you may know, goodbyes are terrible for me. I was packing and zipping around in a frenzy of disbelief, until it had to happen. These ladies are beautiful, and I wish them all the very best. I know it won't be the last time we're together!
Proud parents!
Here I am, squeeing with my degree and my dear Global Studies adviser, one of the many outstanding faculty I've had the honor to learn from. I'm really proud of what I've achieved in four years, and hopefully it can be quantified and translatable in the non-academic world as I head down a new path. St. Lawrence was everything it could be for me, and I'm torn to have to go. But, at least as a Laurentian alumnus, I've gained a lifetime membership to the country club!! 

"We will sing thy praise through endless days, for the Scarlet and the Brown."

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