Saturday, January 25, 2014

January Sunshine

Florida is a 65+ paradise of 3 PM happy hours, vintage sports cars, and lazy days at the beach. Before returning to my current ice box of a school, I had the fortune of spending a week with my snow bird parents on the Gulf Coast. I feel like Florida is in limbo as the landing point of transient winter visitors, the playground of coastal millionaires, yet there are still visible signs of struggle.  Between oceanfront villas you can also easily find ramshackle and incomplete properties.  At least people are relaxed here; the lack of sunshine or an unplowed driveway are never excuses for a bad day.

Murals on the side of a Baptist church.
If houses had souls.

The El Jobean Depot Cafe was established in 1922, when the community was envisioned to be the next Boston of the south. It was a post office, train station, and prison, but now is a small museum, meeting space, and bar.
Interior views of the depot.
A bar with a LOT of character.
Afternoon beers with my dad!
Right around the corner from those tropical-colored homes, you'd find places like this.

On a boat to visit an island restaurant with my Aunt and Uncle, who migrate south from Ohio.

Searching for shells at Boca Grande Beach, one of the most beautiful in Florida, if not the world.
Sarasota Bay Park

A visit to the Tiki Bar!

Florida isn't quite for me, but it was a glorious week to end my winter break.  I undoubtedly miss the fresh seafood and abundant fruit, though having distinct seasons makes you appreciate warm days all the more!

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Allison said...

Ugh, these pictures are so beautiful - you're making me long for a tropical getaway! All those bars, the unique buildings, and sunshine - this looks like an awesome winter break! (especially since it's a high of 13* today, ick!)