Saturday, August 31, 2013

We are heading North

I'm back at school, and it feels so good.  It's definitely bizarre to be the oldest students on campus, mainly because some good friends graduated this past spring.  Many of my classmates are also back after a semester abroad, and it's our turn though to be the heroes at St. Lawrence.  
A few of my roommates and I arrived early to start work, and there was a volunteer student leader orientation. As a sophomore, I helped established an after-school mentoring program at the local middle school called Club SLU.  So I joined student leaders from other community service clubs on campus to prepare for the coming year and how to increase participation and make our programs as effective as possible.  We also helped first year students move-in, which was a brief reminder of my experience as an orientation leader last fall (exhausting).  Our orientation also included a glorious afternoon at Lampson Falls.

I'm living with five of some of my closest friends in the senior townhouse quad.  There were only 24 houses for over 40 application groups!
Living room views; it's still in revision, but we have a southwestern and travelling vibe going on.

 And of course, it's fantastic to host dinner parties once again.  Here we have sauteed squash and eggplant, steamed green beans, roasted black beans, brown rice and corn tortillas.  We've also had curry, pasta sautees, mashed sweet potatoes, and so on.  I'm looking forward to progressive dinner parties with neighboring townhouses.

 Syllabus week for classes means afternoons are free to play tennis.. and ultimate frisbee!
  Another perk of being a senior is having a half meal plan and enrolling in a CSA, or community supported agriculture.  Every week my housemates will receive two shares of vegetables and eggs from Little Grasse Farmworks, just a mile from school.  Aside from a payment, we also exchange farm labor; either the second Saturday of every month working on a big project, or swinging by whenever they need a hand.  I'm eager to connect with our local producers and understand the food system in a hands-on way.  And eat amazing food.
 Bob and Flip from Little Grasse are also growing hops in their barn!  Too bad my friend who brews has gone to France for the semester..

That's a small look at the beginning of a promising year.  I've missed life at St. Lawrence, and although I'm yearning to do something more with my life, like sample of "adult" life that China granted, but my time will come.

Listening: club remixes as my housemates and I prepare to throw our first dance party of the weekend!

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Allison said...

I want to come to one of your dinner parties! Oh my god, that all looks absolutely amazing. I've been looking into a CSA as well - it seems like such an awesome way to eat healthier, try new things, and support local farms.
Your home is BEAUTIFUL. I'm having major jealousy, though I'm so excited for you.