Sunday, June 3, 2012

Indoor Oasis

When I'm working and start to deposit paychecks, I acquire these inflated notions of my wealth, contrary to what my bank account actually says.
When I am in my room, I am at the height of my generally debilitating scatterbrain habit.  I'll start working on something, see something else or have a flash of realization, literally drop what I'm doing and move to that.  Then I'll work on that intensively and then have another idea, move on and pull that out.  Before I know it, my room is a disaster of unfinished projects and loose ideas.
How does this all tie together?  Well, I'm using this summer to unleash the environmental caretaker within me.  I started a compost pile next to my barn and this past week I went to a local farmer's market and bought an array of herb sproutlings.  They are now planted in a nice box on the other side of the barn-- painting that box will be the next step!  Then I went to Lowe's because I've had these illustrous visions of house plants enveloping my room with their gentle rustling from an open window and fresh O2 via photosynthesis and charming accents of color on my shelves, and before I knew it... I spent $50 on my new plants.  At least I had a Wal Mart gift card for the additional $20...  Oh well, these things are definitely worth it.

Meet the family:
 Pre-potting.  I bought 3 cacti, 4 succulents, a baby Jade (which may count as a succulent, I have no idea) and 2 'exotic' house plants!
 The qquarium section outfitted me with pretty stones for the bottom of the pots (which you actually can't see though because of the soil haha), while glass dinner ware bowls became the new habitats!
 Hahaha there's a sparkle setting on my camera-- perfect for making daily life look a bit more fabulous. 
Who knew that succulents and cacti were so damn photogenic?

I'm crossing my fingers that I can help these plants thrive where they reside in my room.  Unfortunately, the cloudy conditions of Western New York are definitely working against these sun-thirsty gardens.  We shall see..!

I'm going to San Francisco this Wednesday with my parents-- I am stoked and ready to take several hundreds of photos if necessary!!  I hope you have an excellent week, and you'll be hearing from my soon.

Listening: "Up From Below" by Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

p.s. Any thoughts on my new blog layout?  I felt like it was time to change it up :) I especially like the new page tabs at the top, although does anyone know if you can create multiple posts within those pages??


Natalie said...

So much sparkly, haha! All of the plants look so cute and little, and oh so photogenic. I've never been much of a gardener so I have no advice, but good luck. :) And have fun in San Fran! Lucky! I've always wanted to go there.

Syed said...

Yes, yes, yes, I love gardening! It's so easy to have all your little plants on the go, and it's relaxing taking time out to look after them. Plus you only have to invest a little time every so often and they'll look fabulous for ages :)